Koala Shores Holiday Park

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    Lemon Tree Passage, NSW

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    Nestled on the waterfront at Lemon Tree Passage in Port Stephens, Koala Shores provides guests with an array of leisure activities, including fishing, kayaking, and paddle boating on the picturesque waterway. Families with children can indulge in the excitement of a large jumping pillow and pedal kart races.

    Koala Shores offers diverse accommodation options, including cabins, camping and caravan sites, and the Koala House, ensuring a comfortable stay for every preference.

    The region is renowned for birdwatching and wildlife viewing, particularly for its resident koalas. Scenic walks are also available for guests seeking a peaceful connection with nature.

    Amenities at Koala Shores encompass a range of on-site activities, such as fishing, tennis, table tennis, mini-golf, basketball, and a dedicated children’s playground. This waterfront retreat is designed to provide a memorable and enjoyable experience for guests of all ages.


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