Hotel Etico at Mount Victoria Manor

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    Mount Victoria, NSW

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    Welcome to Hotel Etico at Mount Victoria Manor, a destination where holidays go beyond relaxation and create meaningful opportunities. As Australia’s pioneering social enterprise hotel, Hotel Etico is dedicated to delivering an exceptional holiday experience while driving a transformative program. This unique initiative provides employment, training, and live-in opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities, empowering them to transition into open employment and achieve greater independence.

    Nestled within Hotel Etico, Niccolo’s Restaurant and Bar stands as a culinary haven, open from Thursday to Saturday nights for dinner. Indulge in an authentic menu showcasing Italian cuisine that is sure to captivate diners with its delightful flavors.

    By choosing Hotel Etico at Mount Victoria Manor, guests not only immerse themselves in a memorable holiday experience but also contribute to a purpose-driven initiative that makes a positive impact on the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities. Elevate your stay with us, where every moment is an opportunity for compassion and connection.


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