Aquajet Motel

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    Coffs Harbour, NSW

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    Conveniently situated just off the Pacific Highway, Aquajet Motel provides contemporary accommodation featuring complimentary WiFi and a refreshing saltwater pool. Park Beach is a mere 800 metres away.

    All rooms at The Aquajet Motel Coffs Harbour are equipped with heating/air conditioning. The majority of rooms boast a balcony with a private outdoor seating area, offering views of the pool.

    Guests can enjoy the spacious outdoor swimming pool with sun loungers and shaded seating, as well as take advantage of the covered barbecue area.

    The motel is ideally located, being a 2-minute walk from Park Beach Shopping Plaza. Coffs Harbour city centre is easily accessible, situated less than a 10-minute drive away. Guests can choose between downstairs rooms (1 to 9) or upstairs rooms (10 to 24).


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