Stargazing with an Astrophysicist in Blue Mountains

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    Wentworth Falls, NSW

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    Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing Southern Hemisphere night sky with this stargazing experience guided by an astrophysicist boasting over ten years of expertise. Learn the art of identifying constellations using just the naked eye and explore the wonders of the cosmos through a professional-grade telescope. Depending on the night and time of year, your celestial journey may reveal lunar craters, the planets Mars and Venus, Saturn’s magnificent rings, Jupiter’s moons, the ethereal Orion Nebula, and much more. Enjoy the enchantment of stargazing with a professional telescope, ensuring a remarkable celestial encounter. The experience is wheelchair and stroller accessible, and you can savor warm or cold drinks, weather permitting. The tour is conducted in both English and French languages, providing a personalized and informative stargazing adventure in the Blue Mountains.


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