Spies in the Capital: Women in Espionage Walking Tour

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    Parkes, ACT

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    Embark on a fascinating journey into the hidden world of espionage in Canberra, unraveling the secrets of spies, double agents, and covert operations. Delve into the unbelievable stories of women who were both spies and subjects of espionage in this recently declassified history. Explore ordinary suburban streets with concealed secrets, visit notorious pubs, abandoned embassies, and homes under constant surveillance. During this immersive tour, you’ll even don a spy hat to learn techniques employed by operatives during the Cold War in Canberra. Whether you’re a spy enthusiast or seeking a fun introduction to Canberra’s history, this tour promises an engaging experience. Don’t miss the chance to uncover the clandestine past of Australia’s capital city.


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