Snubfin Dolphin Eco Cruise from Broome

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    Broome, WA

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    Explore the diverse aquatic wildlife of Australia on an eco cruise departing from Broome. Relax in the comfort of a spacious, shaded catamaran as you keep watch for unique snubfin dolphins, along with dugongs, turtles, shorebirds, and bottlenose dolphins. Your informative guide will share insights into the marine ecosystems of this region, enhancing your appreciation of the surroundings. Take in the scenic views and, depending on conditions, have the opportunity to swim in the boom net. Enjoy included snacks and refreshments during the journey aboard a comfortable boat equipped with restrooms and viewing decks. This half-day adventure is a delightful and educational experience suitable for the entire family.

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    Time: 08:30
    Location: Broome Fishing Club Lot 956 Kabbarli Rd, Broome


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