Self Guided E Bike Tour – Unicorn Falls, Rainforest & Rail Trail

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    Billinudgel, NSW

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    Explore the hinterland, National Parks, and the Northern Rivers Rail Trail with our exclusive self-guided tours—the only ones of their kind. Break away from the beaten path and discover the enchanting wonders that lie beyond the coastal areas. Immerse yourself in the ageless beauty of ancient rainforests, take a refreshing swim in a captivating waterfall, and traverse through historic railway tunnels and over bridges. Experience an unforgettable day out, marveling at the ease of adventuring on an E Bike—conquer hills effortlessly and cover more ground than you ever imagined.

    Our journey begins at the delightful Yum Yum Tree café in New Brighton and concludes at the renowned Moo Moo Roadhouse in Mooball. With an E Bike to assist, all you need is average fitness and a basic cycling proficiency (participants must be over 14 years of age and under 120kgs). This self-guided tour allows you to travel at your own pace, in your own group, stopping wherever your curiosity leads—just ensure you’re back by 3-3.30pm. The total duration is 6 hours, with 3 hours dedicated to cycling and the remainder for indulging in meals, swimming, and exploration. Anticipate some challenges, including gravel roads and a downhill section.


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