Scenic and Prehistoric Boat Tour

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    Minyirr, WA

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    Embark on a voyage along the Kimberley Coast, renowned for its breathtaking sea cliffs, pristine white-sand beaches, and ancient marvels. Join this tour and set sail for Roebuck Bay and Dampier Creek aboard a specially designed shallow landing vessel crafted for beach and bay exploration. Marvel at the towering red cliffs and picturesque wetlands, disembark to uncover 120-million-year-old dinosaur footprints on the shore, and keep a lookout for dolphins, manta rays, and other wildlife throughout the journey. Enjoy a leisurely beach walk at Roebuck Bay, witness incredible wildlife sightings such as sharks, turtles, and sea birds, and indulge in delicious snacks while sipping sparkling wine on the deck. Experience the intimacy of a small-boat cruise with a maximum of 14 passengers on board, ensuring a personalized and immersive adventure.


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