Newcastle Dark Stories True Crime Tour

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    Newcastle, NSW

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    Unearth the shadowy history of Newcastle—revealing a side rarely witnessed by most visitors—on this captivating walking tour. Guided through the city’s eeriest locations, you’ll unravel tales of true crimes that often go unheard. Dive into the chilling narratives surrounding the Tomahawk Murderer, explore landmarks like the Convict Lumberyard and Old Jail, and immerse yourself in the spine-tingling ambiance as your guide discloses stories of murders, hauntings, fraud, and more. This crime-themed evening walking tour offers a unique perspective on Newcastle’s sinister past, taking you to places linked to historical crimes that might escape notice on your own. Delve into the dark stories behind sites like the Old Jail and dissect crimes, including the notorious Tomahawk murder, with a knowledgeable guide who brings the details to life.

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    Time: 19:30
    Location: 104 Scott St, Newcastle

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