Kayaking with Dolphins in Byron Bay Guided Tour

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    Byron Bay, NSW

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    Experience the enchantment of paddling alongside a resident pod of bottlenose dolphins in the stunning waters of Byron Bay! Embark on a guided sea kayak adventure led by seasoned experts, navigating the serene Cape Byron Marine Park. Gain insights into the protected aquatic ecosystem as you marvel at the Cape Byron lighthouse and indulge in a beachside break with tea and Tim Tam biscuits. All necessary equipment is provided, and no prior kayaking experience is required. Witness the magic of dolphins guaranteed, or opt for a complimentary return tour. Immerse yourself in the company of Byron Bay’s local bottlenose dolphins with a choice of morning or afternoon tours. Revel in the assurance of kayaking with a skilled guide, and savor morning or afternoon tea during this unforgettable dolphin encounter. Safety gear is included for a worry-free Byron Bay dolphin kayak tour.


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