Hinterland Magic & Glow-worm Experience

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    Byron Bay, NSW

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    Embark on an exploration into the Byron Bay hinterland, delving into the Gondwana Rainforests, a distinguished UNESCO World Heritage Area. Traverse to scenic lookouts and a pristine waterfall, culminating in an awe-inspiring encounter with glowworms at a concealed location. Your journey is complemented by a delectable vegetarian/vegan dinner, fostering a deepened appreciation and comprehension of the vibrant Rainbow region. Revel in an organic, vegetarian, or vegan dinner amidst the enchanting forest setting, anticipating the opportunity to witness glowworms in their natural brilliance. Engage in enlightening discussions on consciousness throughout your excursion, leaving you inspired. A private tour ensures a tailored and intimate experience, allowing you to connect more profoundly with the Hinterland Magic & Glow-worm Experience.


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