Fishermans Paradise Eco-walk

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    Lake Conjola, NSW

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    Embark on an exclusive family adventure with a private tour through the enchanting village of Fisherman’s Paradise, led by a knowledgeable local guide. Over approximately an hour and a half, delve into the diverse facets of nature, exploring the river, encountering wildlife, and witnessing the rejuvenation of the bush after the 2019-2020 wildfires. Stroll through Conjola National Park, where the guide will share tales of the remarkable regrowth and the joy of reopening these trails. Traverse the picturesque landscapes of Conjola National Park and Lake Conjola, equipped with provided binoculars to enhance your wildlife spotting. This private tour allows you to set your own pace, capturing the beauty of the surroundings with ample photo opportunities. The journey commences from Fishermans Paradise, easily accessible for a seamless start to your eco-walk adventure.


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