Broome to Horizontal Falls Half Day Adventure

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    Broome, WA

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    Take a thrilling journey to Talbot Bay in Western Australia by boarding a jet seaplane and immersing yourself in one of the region’s most unforgettable experiences—the Horizontal Falls adventure. Embark on the fastest boat in Kimberly, guided by a skilled skipper, as you navigate through the narrow cataracts enclosed by imposing cliffs. After the exhilarating ride, unwind on a scenic cruise exploring the secluded bays and winding creeks of the remote bay. Indulge in an onboard barbecue lunch before concluding your off-the-beaten-path expedition with a picturesque return flight to Broome. Access Horizontal Falls via a turbo-prop jet seaplane, traverse waterfalls and rapids on a powerful boat, and glide through the enchanting landscapes of Talbot Bay. Treat yourself to breakfast or a seafood lunch prepared fresh onboard, adding a delicious touch to your adventure.


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