30 Minute Newcastle & Lake Macquarie Helicopter Shared Flight

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    Mayfield West, NSW

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    Embark on a journey to explore the stunning landscapes of the NSW coastline from a unique perspective—through a shared helicopter flight over Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, Australia’s largest saltwater lagoon. Soar through the skies and witness the historical city and its picturesque beaches unfold beneath you. As you head south, pass over Glenrocks to reach the expansive Lake Macquarie, enjoying the diverse scenery from islands to countryside and vibrant cities. Your aerial adventure includes a visit to Catherine Hill Bay, offering an unparalleled view of this spectacular beach from above. Revel in the sightseeing delights from the sky during this extraordinary helicopter trip, featuring swirling sands where Lake Macquarie meets the ocean. With a guaranteed window seat, you can savor the best views throughout the journey.


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